Curtis R. Young has been President and Senior Consultant of Wetlands Preservation, Inc. (WPI) since its inception.  Mr. Young has over 35 years of environmental consulting experience in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, managing multi-disciplinary environmental studies.  His background includes a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial ecology investigations, including the evaluation of wetland resource areas and rare species studies.  All of the studies have been conducted with emphasis on the appropriate application of scientific principals to resolving site development issues and on cost and schedule control.  Since starting WPI his focus has been on integrating engineering, science, and the regulatory community in solving development-related problems.

Soon after its inception in 1986, WPI expanded its personnel and technical disciplines to address additional development-related issues in the areas of wetland and soils science.  WPI’s personnel capabilities have been expanded over the past several years to include broader forestry studies, wildlife habitat evaluations and rare plant and animal studies.  WPI currently has a full time staff of professional scientists, including wetland scientists and soil scientists.  WPI’s staff has undergraduate and advanced degrees, which include Forestry, Fisheries Service, Botany, Forest Zoology, Wildlife Biology, Soils Science, Resource Management and Administration, Forest Biometrics, and Natural Resources Science.  Additional staff consultants are used on an “as needed” basis to fulfill specific study requirements in specific specialty areas.  These areas include hydro-dynamic and nutrient modeling of drainage basins, detailed soil and geotechnical evaluations, and engineering evaluations as may be necessary to comply with stormwater management standards and policies.