WPI provides a full range of wetland consulting services — including site assessments, ecological services, construction support and regulatory permitting. Our diverse clientele consists of individual home owners, builders/developers, engineering firms, local, state and federal agencies and non-profit organizations. Our staff of experienced professionals, led by the firm's President and Senior Consultant, Curtis R. Young, has over 75 years of combined experience, providing our clients with specializations in environmental disciplines — including wetland and soil science, herpetology, hydrology, horticulture, silvaculture, wildlife biology and botany. WPI's multi-faceted staff and team-based approach (to assessing site development options) allows us to expedite the permitting process, thus minimizing costs. The services WPI provides are essential for the assessment and evaluation of impacts and mitigation measures for site development to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

WPI's current efforts are centered in New England, although projects have also been undertaken in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. All of our projects involve aquatic and terrestrial ecology studies — including evaluations of wetland resource areas and rare species studies. All projects were performed with an emphasis on cost and schedule control. WPI personnel also perform site reviews to assess site wetland issues, site design options, and development and permitting strategies. WPI technical staff has led educational presentations to regulatory commissions and agencies, and provides expert testimony regarding wetland impact issues.

WPI frequently represents clients at public hearings, meetings and site inspections where site development plans and associated wetland impacts and mitigation strategies are discussed. In addition to presenting projects at public hearings with conservation commissions and state and federal regulatory agencies, WPI representatives also provide expert witness/testimony services in the areas of wetland science, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, and soils science.